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  provides App Security solutions for Developers, Publishers, and Enterprise organizations.

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• HackGuard Professional
• HackGuard Enterprise

Monitor your entire worldwide installed base. Enjoy unlimited usage with no restrictive quotas.
HackGuard Professional Edition enables App Developers and Publishers to instantly enjoy detailed datagrids and graphical charts showing both realtime and historical information on their installed base — including App Base Demographics, App Usage Trends, Deployed Environment Details and Security Alerts.

Cost depends on the number of App installations in your base. Contact us for a custom quote.
HackGuard Enterprise Edition serves large organizations with the most demanding App Security requirements — especially in the Financial, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Government sectors.  It includes all of the features of the HackGuard Professional Edition, plus several additional state-of-the-art App Security technologies.



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HackGuard Features
Unified Dashboard
See at a glance all of your most important installed base health parameters displayed via multiple widgets
Realtime Attack Monitoring and Alerts
Constant 24x7x365 monitoring of attacks against your installed base, with instant console and email alerts
Rapid Attack Vector Analysis
Isolate the source quickly via a comprehensive suite of reports, sorting, filtering and easy to use correlation tools
Application Code Resilience
Enjoy the benefits of strong executable code protection for your app, proven effective against ALL attack vectors
Proactive Zero Day Protection
Gain Positive Assurance for each and every app launch via HackGuard technology's instant pre-launch check
Deployed App Environment Discovery
Analyze all of the OS versions, device types, brands and other details of the devices on which your app is running
Worldwide Installed App Visibility
Monitor realtime and historical geo-data about where your app is currently installed and being launched from
App Base Demographics
Understand your installed app base as never before, via summary and detailed reports from multiple perspectives
Usage Trends
Monitor, measure and analyze app launch frequency over an unlimited time — by daily, weekly or monthly buckets
SIEM Integration
Realtime (or batch) log entry formatting and transfer to your choice of popular SIEM platforms
Custom API
We tailor our standard API to support the particular monitoring, analysis or action requirements of your app
App Health Monitoring
Collect, monitor, report and alert on a wide range of custom defined app health and performance parameters
Vulnerability Analysis
Deep inspection of app executables, including dependent libraries, with integrated analysis by a blend of public and proprietary vulnerability assessment platforms