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Articles about AppVision, HackGuard and the security threats we protect against.

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Concerns about security continue to be the main impediments to the adoption of mobile financial services cited by consumers.
Gartner Inc. states that 75% of mobile apps in the major app stores fail basic security tests
Gartner, Forrester, OWASP and other IT mobile app security reports have identified the critical need for binary protection for all sensitive and high-value mobile applications.
Hospira Symbiq Drug pumps could be hacked, government warns
TrackingPoint self-aiming rifles hacked
The U.S. Department of Defense: Cyber Strategy, April 2015
The United States Army War College: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army And Information Warfare, March 2014
U.S. DoD Defense Science Board: Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat, January 2013